UVC200 Capture Dongle

UVC200 Capture Dongle

Capture one channel HDMI HD video signal;Input/output video signal up to 1080p/60hz;support windows/linux/IOS operating system.

Product details

UVC200 is compactible for USB3.0(Intel,Renesas,ASMedia,Fresco Logic),a kind of UVC video capture box via PCIe Gen1.1 x1. Input 1 channel HDMI HD video signal,maximum input to 1080p/60 Hz. 

Features & It's hotselling point:

Small shape,easy portable, superior performance and compatibility,easy install,setting & application.

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Highly Performance:

1.Max Resolution Support: 1920*1200P 60fps (CVT-RB) Video Input

2.Max Resolution Support: 1920*1080P 30fps Video Input under the position by YUY2Coordinating

3.Max Resolution Support: 1920*1080P 30fps Video Output under the position by RGB24 Coordinating

4. Running does not account for the host CPU, video and audio processing is done by the UVC capture box.


Support single connecting multiple capture dongle work at the same time

Support the video resolution、Frame rate and The audio capture rate up/down conversion

Support brightness, contrast, hue, saturation and other screen adjustment function

Advanced Features:

1. Capture one channel HDMI HD video signal

2. Input/output video signal up to 1080p/60hz

3. Compatible with UVC video capture and YUV422 video output.

4. UVC is compatible with HDMI audio capture and 48Khz PCM audio output.

5. Driver free, truly PnP.

6. Suport Windows/Linux/IOS operating system.

7. USB3.0,300-350MB/s transmission bandwidth, compatible with usb2.0 40MB/s.

8. Video and audio is processed by the dongle, no taking up CPU.

9. Perfect circuit design, ultra-low power consumption, can be directly connected to mobile phone without external power supply

10.Various image adjusting function including brightness, contrast,hue and saturation.

11.Multiple dongles can be used on same pc.

12.Firmware can be updated.

13. size: 10.5(L)*3.9(W)*1.5(H), cable is 45cm.

14. weight:72g


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