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IPTV Development Watch

Mine Technology Co.,Ltd. | Updated: May 06, 2016

IPTV is a transmission on IP protocol is used on the public Internet video on demand programming multimedia video and TV operations. At present, the IPTV business had started major telecom operators in the world of mass adoption and deployment. As IPTV shows great potential for growth, telecom operators increasingly focus on IPTV business development. Netcom, took the lead in launching IPTV services in Harbin, China in May 2005, marking the IPTV in China, after China Telecom to launch its own IPTV service in various locations. Currently facilitated by the national policy of integration of the three networks, device manufacturers, operators, content providers, such as accelerating the pace of entering the provinces IPTV market, IPTV network continues to expand, has been the rapid growth of the number of users.

After several years of development, China IPTV on the basis of international mainstream technology, combined with its own characteristics, has been formed by the integrated control platform and content transmission system tube can be controlled, business operation and flexible technology architecture. Integrated IPTV broadcast platform is formed, including programs contents integrated control, EPG, the user management, billing management, and digital rights management (DRM) and other parts of the specification system.

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