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H.264 Coding device

Mine Technology Co.,Ltd. | Updated: May 06, 2016

Using H.264 video compression algorithm and H.263 and MPEG-4 similar, based on mixed coding method, which uses intra-frame coding (Intra) and interframe coding (Inter) two encoding modes. Compared with the previous standard, in order to improve coding efficiency, compression ratio and image quality, H.264 encoding for the following new technologies:

(1) the H.264 video coding system consists of video coding layer according to the functions (VCL,Video Coding Layer) and the network abstraction layer (NAL,Network Abstraction Layer) two levels. VCL is used to complete the highly compressed video sequences, NAL for standard video data format that provides header information for a variety of media transmission and storage.

(2) advanced intra prediction, which contain more spatial detail macro-block 4x4 forecasts and for the relatively flat region of the 16x16 model, the former 9 kinds of prediction methods, which have 4 kinds of prediction methods.

(3) the interframe prediction using more types of partitioning, standards are defined in 7 different sizes and shapes of block segmentation (16x16, and 16x8, and 8x16) and macro-block segment (8x8, and 8x4, and 4x8, and 4x4). By using smaller blocks and adaptive coding mode prediction residual amounts of data can be reduced, thereby further reducing the bit rate.

(4) with high precision based on 1/4-pixel accuracy motion estimation.

(5) the multi-reference frame prediction. Interframe coding, up available 5 different frames of reference.

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