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Best Collection Coding Equipment Choice For IPTV Solutions

Mine Technology Co.,Ltd. | Updated: May 06, 2016

IPTV is a broadband Internet service, Internet, multimedia, communications and other technologies in one, use of the broadband network infrastructure and network transmit IP protocol for end users (computer or network set-top boxes + TV) offers a variety of interactive digital media services, including digital TV technology. IPTV enables media providers and media consumers interact to provide users with a personalized, high quality, content-rich digital media services, widely used in live TV, video on demand, online games, video conference, distance education and other fields.

IPTV front-end system has the function of program acquisition, storage and services. Programs collection containing program reception, encoding, encryption, and the program generates. Program and service is a program that generates a large backup and broadcast. (1) receives and outputs video source: receive parts by receiver (includes receiver, satellite receiver, set-top boxes, ground cable receiver) and network adapters, the front part of the IPTV system to capture and output video information. (2) video encoding: AV compress and convert the media format of the information, so that large amounts of multimedia data storage and transmission, encoding done by encoder. (3) encryption: encrypts the encoded information to avoid information transmitted and received in the process of interception, stealing information insecurity.

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