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USB smart phone development trends of Type-C

Mine Technology Co.,Ltd. | Updated: May 06, 2016

2013 USB Type-C was published for the first time, and using for the first time in the market is Nokia in November 2014, N1 flat-panel, but the real USB Type-C raised concern "boom" was later Apple releases new Macbook.

New Macbook thinner fuselage, which is USB-Type-C slim size on the open market, demand for USB Type-C more focused on positive and negative plug, high speed data transmission, electric charge, and video data transfers, so it has more than one function. Can be found from a USB Type-C design concept to the final product, not only USB 3.1 standard setters pay attention to, is leading to equipment manufacturers and consumers concerned.

And it is a concern, but it itself is designed to cope with the future development of the entire consumer electronics industry will face more key associated with data transmission efficiency, diversity, simplicity, portability, and ease of issue.

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