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United States attorneys (USBAR) the development and future prospects

Mine Technology Co.,Ltd. | Updated: May 06, 2016

With the development of society, more and more astute Chinese investors have chosen overseas investment, in this huge group of investors more or less exposed to a variety of legal issues. Due to the language barrier, for Chinese nationality United States the demand for lawyers grew. In China, new legal practitioners annual salary of about 340,000 yuan; but if it is United States new practising lawyers average annual salary of $ 780,000, if both countries practising lawyers, that annual salary is imagined.

Many people may ask, if United States lawyers are really popular, then they are judicial examination must be difficult. Answers is denied of, actually, United States lawyer of exam through rate is quite of high of, California for is most difficult through exam of two a State, annual are has over 10,000 of candidates participate in exam, California through rate in 50%, NY through rate in 65% above, two a State of foreign lawyer through rate in 15%-18%, success through exam rate than lower, macro King United States law test combined used China candidates most for of United States law test system: new United States Harvard Bar exam textbook tie Barbri, and Kaplan of test, explains case problem and real fuck problem, and analysis exam trend caught focus! caught test centers! formed full of exam system, learning has partial focus, combined 100% has rich real fuck experience of United States returnees or outside top law professor, and experts lectures, let candidates in China as can enjoy to real high-end of professional qualification training courses, system of learning, and advanced of learning software, and enough of test cover exam 90% above, in examination room Shang by do of topics Basic are is similar of questions, Grand view is the slogan of course questions, questions, questions! because of this grand view students pass rate than the United States by high rates of the local 20% to reach 70% pass rate, and pass rates on par with New York State.

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