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RAZER nuclear market to bring desktop-class graphics performance

Mine Technology Co.,Ltd. | Updated: May 06, 2016

On March 16, 2016, United States California Irvine--Razer Thunder snake, player interaction devices and software brand in the world, today officially announced its "Best of CES" award-winning Razer Core nuclear costs, time to market, and compatibility information. The device is the first plug-and-play 3 Thunderbolt lightning graphics docking station, in January this year and a Razer Blade edge stealth Stealth spirit version published Super common, and gains a CES "Best PC" and "people's Choice" award.

"All along, the Razer continued innovation in the notebook field, traditional brands are either unwilling or unable to continue to innovate. "Razer joint founder and CEO Min-Liang Tan said," this once, in and industry leader are of cooperation Xia, we build out has this paragraph graphics extended docking, it will to for we latest launched have Razer Blade Stealth spirit edged sneak version and new Razer Blade spirit edged provides desktop level of graphics processing performance, and through Thunderbolt lightning 3 connection, can achieved Plug-and-play, very convenient. “

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