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History of the USB

Mine Technology Co.,Ltd. | Updated: May 06, 2016

Like all technology, USB has been developing for quite some time. Despite being the "walk" serial bus, but in this market for 18 years, it has evolved a lot of versions, with different transmission speeds, and very, very many types of connectors.

USB mounting forum--which is a group of companies responsible for USB standard-setting--acutely aware of this problem, and the solution is a new connector called Type-C. Type-C interface will be replaced in phone, Tablet, computers and all other add-ins on the device the size of a USB Type-A and Type-B interfaces. Type-C will support the new, faster 10Gbps USB3.1 Gen 2 rules, and when the bandwidth speed or faster.

In the next few years, USB Type-C will become the norm, completely replace the clutter in our desk drawers, various types of connectors. For the time being, it just makes us feel standards become more. While we were waiting to Type-C cable from the hell of out of when he was a us even deeper into the quagmire, take a look at USB experience over the years, what competitive standard against it and, in the future it will continue to work hard to overcome the technical difficulties.

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