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HD-Sdi to HDMI Media Converter (HX-SH81)

Mine Technology Co.,Ltd. | Updated: Oct 01, 2016

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Model NO.:HX-SH81

  • Type:Video Optical

Product Description

HD-SDI To HDMI Media Converter


HD-SDI To HDMI Media Converter is a equipment of HD serial digital interface covert to HDMI signal. It include SDI receiver and HDMI modulator, separated audio signal from SDI signal will be embedded in HDMI signal to synchronize sound and image. It makes that SDI camera can connect to video terminal with HDMI connector.

Support SDI signal with embedded audio.
Integrated SDI receiver and HDMI modulator.
Embed AES/EBU audio in TMDS signal. HDMI output.
Audio and image synchronization output.
No loss
Video output: One HDMI signal and SDI signal output.

It is most commonly used for the areas such as television station, City Construction, traffic police, highway, Emergency command center^etc.

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