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HD Sdi Video Encoder

Mine Technology Co.,Ltd. | Updated: Jul 06, 2016

Basic Info

Model NO.:KV-EC101 HD SDI Video Encoder

KV-EC101&EC101A is a HD video network encoding transfer product with high performance. It's of reliable performance, high quality and easy operation due to the optimized design. KV-EC101&EC101A supports the input of HD digital video and AES/EBU embedded audio over the SD/HD/3G-SDI interface, SDI can be looped out simultaneously. The supported HD video format is up to 1080P30.
KV-EC101&EC101A can compress the input video and audio with high quality which will give preferential to ensure the video quality and audio acoustic fidelity, and send encoding video with adjustable bit rates from 512Kbps to 30Mbps to the network. If KV-DC101 decoder or other compatible product /software is adopted, the input video and audio over SDI can be restored and presented perfectly, to realize the extra-long distance network transfer.
The encoding delay of KV-EC101&EC101A is less than 50ms, with binaural Hi-Fi audio quality and high quality compressed picture quality, original video with format up to 1080P30 can be truly restored under encoding bit rate of 2.5Mbps, no obvious image distortion, smear, frame loss and mosaic, color rendition are true, sounds are clear with high fidelity.
KV-EC101&EC101A is easy to install and operate, only simple connections and settings are required. It provides the operations and management based on Web, supports standard RTP/RTSP transport protocols and network management API, compatible with ONVIF 1.1/2.0 standard, which can be integrated with all kinds of software management platform conveniently. At the same time, if cooperating with KV-DC101 Decoder, KV-EC101&EC101A can even support two-way intercom, 1 channel of RS-485 signal exchange and 1 channel of two-way alarm exchange.
This is the best choice for SDI video extra-long distance transfer with low cost. It can be applied in the fields such as HDcctv, remote gathering and editing of broadcast television media programs, etc...

*Supports SD/HD-SDI interface and AES/EBU embedded audio
*SDI Signal physical loop out, over signal RE-CLOCK and driving after looping out, *can realize the restoring and relay driving ability;
*1 analog audio input, 1 analog audio output, can realized the function of two-way intercom;
*1 discrete input, 1 discrete output, can realize the function of two-way alarm signal exchange;
*1 RS-485 interface, can realize the function of PTZ control (Pan-Tilt-Zoom) and exchange two-way signal with the decoder/ PC;
*Supports various video formats of *1080P30/29.97/25/24, 1080I60/59.94/50, 720p60/59.94/50;
*Identify video format automatically, encode SDI signal once it's inserted;
*H. 264 High Profile (up to level 4.1) encoding, bellow 50ms of encoding delay;
*AAC-LC high acoustic fidelity audio encoding, support G. 711 encoding also;
*Dual streams support( One main HD stream up to 1920X1080@30fps and one sub stream up to 720X480/720X576@30fps );
*RTP/RTSP transmission protocol ( According to RFC1889/RFC2326 );
*Compatible with ONVIF 1.1/2.0 specification, easy to integrate with NVR and software management system;
*Encoding bitrate is adjustable, picture quality can be controlled;
*Web based management, online video preview;
*supports two-way voice talkback, RS-485 signaling get through and alarm signal get through ( *TO match up the KV-DC Series Decoder );
*Provide communication protocol for software development SDK and device *management control which can integrate seamlessly with third application platform.

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