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Different screen duo USB multi-function display card review

Mine Technology Co.,Ltd. | Updated: May 06, 2016

With technology of progress and development, in recent years, more screen displayed of needs constantly increased, two big displayed chip giant NVIDIA and AMD are is development home of more screen technology, more screen displayed technology also to quickly development, from first of industrial, and military, industry to contact, to now more screen technology of quickly universal, formed platform of cost also is reduced, gradually go near general user.

For general user for, more screen displayed technology actually is very practical of, dang you only a Taiwan host of when, through more screen technology on can extended to more Taiwan display Shang, while for different of application operation, as stock, and Internet, and document processing,, and without only in a Taiwan display that small resolution Shang for, cost can greatly reduced, plus now of computer performance strong, enough to while meet variety daily Office entertainment, operation--this also is more nuclear processor appeared of initially reasons.

When it comes to multi-screen display scheme, most players first thought may be the provision of multi-screen output connector of the video card, we reviewed a similar North Matrix 4, XFX HD6770 Monster Edition video card supports four or even five screen output, but graphics can only be applied on the computer, and the performance of the machine will receive the video card performance limits. In fact, in professional applications, there are a variety of more flexible solution for multi-screen output, today's evaluation of our protagonist--Quad HDMI multi-function display card is one of them.

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