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Converter categories

Mine Technology Co.,Ltd. | Updated: May 06, 2016

1) integral-type (for example, TLC7135)

Integral-type AD work to convert the input voltage (pulse width signal) or frequency (pulse frequency), and then by timers/counters for numeric values. Its advantage is the use of simple circuit to obtain high resolution, but the disadvantage accuracy depends on the integration time is due to the conversion, the conversion rate is extremely low. Single AD converters are used in the early score, successive comparison-has gradually become the mainstream now.

2) successive comparison type (for example, TLC0831)

Successive comparison of AD by a comparator and DA converters by comparing successive logical components, starting from the MSB, sequentially for each input voltage is compared with the built-in DA Converter output, the value of n and the output figure. Its size is moderate. The advantages of high speed, low power consumption, low resolution (12-bit) price is high.

3) parallel/serial and parallel-comparison (for example, TLC5510)


Converters (3)

Side comparison AD with multiple comparators, adopted only one conversion, also known as FLash (fast). Due to the extremely high conversion rate, n transformations need to 2n-1 a comparator circuit size is great, the price is high, apply only to video AD converters and other areas of particularly high speed.

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