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ADC applications

Mine Technology Co.,Ltd. | Updated: May 06, 2016

A/d conversion usually goes through sampling, maintenance and quantization, coding a few steps. Below we have the Sigma a/d converters-for example to briefly introduce their works. Sigma-a/d converter works, is the initial conversion of the digital signals and signal noise processing.

General for, ∑-A/D conversion device has two most, simulation part and digital part, simulation part is a ∑-modulation device, main makes used had sampling technology sampling Hou signal after modulation device, makes quantitative noise distribution more wide, and output one one of data bit flow, digital part is a digital filter device, it on simulation part output of digital volume for except noise processing, filter except most of quantitative noise, and on modulation device of output drop frequency to Nyquist frequency and for further of quantitative, Output in the end.

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