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2D to 3D Video Converter 2 Port 3D DLP Support All 3D Format Conversion 3D HD

Mine Technology Co.,Ltd. | Updated: Sep 28, 2016

Product Detail

Basic Info
  • Model NO.:YT-V3D-P

  • Size:130 X 82 X 18 Mm

  • Weight:0.26kg

  • Power Supply:DC 5V

  • FM:Without FM

  • Finish:Aluminium

  • Player Type:HDMI Splitter

  • Sound Channel:5.1

  • Trademark:youting

  • Specification:CE, FCC, ROHS

  • Origin:Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

Product Description
Due to lack of 3D contents, 3D ready TV or display devices will not be viewed in 3D mode all the time. YT-V3D-P will offer real-time 2D to 3D conversion for all 2D content to solve this problem.
YT-V3D-P provides 2D to 3D converting functions, show 2D content in 3D effect! YT-V3D-P is also designed to work with 3D HDTV, and 3D DLP Projector.
1. Strong video processor function, support signal frequency doubling function, turn 60Hz to 120Hz, support max 1080P@60Hz/720P@120Hz.
2.2D to 3D real-time conversion.
3.3D output formats: Support 2D video, left and right format, Up and down the format, LINE 3D format, Blue-ray 3D, 2D and 3D mode.
4. Input: HDMI V1.3/V1.4A, Output: HDMI V1.3/1.4A, HDCP compliant.
5. Input support 480p /576p/720p/1080I/1080P /60Hz, 720P/1080I/1080P/50Hz, output support720P 60Hz/120Hz 3D effect.
6. Plug-and-Play installation. HDMI one is the default input and HDMI two has switch function.
7. IR remote control is special for signal source setting, be careful with this function.
8.2D to 3D DLP projector is adjustable, 3 levels 3D effect level adjustment. Others not
9. Net weight: 0.26 kg Gross weight: 0.9kg.
10. Product dimension (L x W x H): 13.0 X 8.2 X 1.8 cm, package dimension: 21.5 X 16.5 X 8.0 cm.
The 3D glasses should matched with 3D DLP projector, generally 3D active glasses and 120Hz-144Hz.
Why the 3D DLP projector has no picture, black screen or lighting?
A: Please change the HDMI cable, or reconnect the HDMI cable, or reset the converter and choose "BYPASS" mode.
When play 3D movies, the projector resolution ratio should be 16: 9, SYNC function on, or the picture maybe lighting.
Support side by side( left and right, up and down)3D signal moves to normal 2D HDTV?
A: No, only support side by side(left and right) 3D movies to 3DTV.
Support any 3D projector?
A: For now only support 3D DLP 720P 120Hz projector, because most projector max resolution is 720P120Hz, and not reach 1080P120Hz, so default is 720P120Hz.
3D DLP converter support projector models? Any setting requirement?
A: Any signal source with HDMI output can be use, when choose 3D blue-ray player, the HDMI default output is 720P, YT-V3D-P default is 720P 120Hz, no need any setting, or choose "BYPASS, other signal source like PC, notebook the resolution should be 1280*720 to match the 3D DLP projector.
Followed is the YT-V3D-P support brand we have test:
Optoma 600X, HD66, HD65, DH1010, HD600X-LV, HD87, HD21, EW610ST, HD700X, HD33, EX539, IS500, EW762, GT720, PRO360W, 3D6500XGA, HD25, WL580
Ep5328, TW516, MX615, MW712, MS513, MX514, MW516, W700, W710ST, W710+, W600+, MX520, MS615+, TS513P, TX501, EP5227, MP776, PTW712, MW512, W1080ST, 815ST, W770ST, w750, W770ST, VPW823ST, MX503, MS521, GP20
S1370WHn, K520, H5230, H6500, X1320WH, EV-S32H, EV-X32H, EV-W32H, D401D, D411D, D421D, K330, L225, LK-W14, E130, H5370BD, P1303W, H5360(BD, E130D, H9500BD, H7531D, K130, P1201, h5380bd, s5201, K132
ViewSonic, pjd5233, PJD5133, PJD5233, PJD5523W, 8450W, PJD6531W, PJD7820HD.
RICOH PJ WX4130, PJS2130, PJX2130, PJWX2130, K110, K120, PJ K110A, X2135W
PDX225ST, ""XG-4050WA, Q2, Q5, D538W-3D
NEC VE281X, V260W, V260W+, VE281X+, V300W+, VE280X+, V311X+ V311W+
Cool: X3, X2, EH-TW6000W, ZECO: ES80, ES70, es60.
Manufacturer reserves the right to make changes in the hardware, packaging and any accompanying documentation without prior written notice.
HDMI, the HDMI Logo and High-Definition Multimedia Interface are trademarks or registered trademarks of HDMI Licensing LLC in the United States and other countries.
YT-V3D-P incorporates HDMI® Technology. CE FCC RoHS
DLP is a registered trademark of Texas Instruments. DLP Link is a trademark of Texas Instruments
Amber/Cyan glasses is a registered patent product of Colorcode3d. (
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