E1002S-4-1U 4 channels HDMI to IP HD Video Encoder with Dual IP Stream Output

​E1002S-4-1U HD HDMI Encoder with dual IP stream output is a professional audio&video encoding device, support 4 channels HDMI input, output dual IP stream data.

Product details

E1002S-4-1U HD HDMI Encoder,it has 4channels HDMI video audio capture function,H. 264 coding output double stream format,the audio support MP3/AAC, which is adjustable。It has the high-intergrate and cost-effictive function。E1002-4-1U support RTSP/RTP/RTMP/HTTP Protocol。

Is very easy to use and plug in Ethernet cable can be used, which save the teardown trouble and does not exist the computer hardware compatibility issues. It is able to repllace HD capture card, also good cost performance.

Product performance

* hd resolution Supporting

1920x1080/1680x1050/1280x720/1600x1200/960x540/720*576/ 704*576 ect,.

* HDMI input(with AV/independent audio)Support automatic recognition, automatic scaling, custom resolution

* WINDOWS XP/VISTA/SERVER2003/SERVER2008/WIN7 32bit and WIN7 64bit,LINUX supporting

* Support Microsoft standard flow driven architecture(WDM structure),support microsoft WMENCODERect,.,compatible with Windows VFWsoftware structure and WDM mode。

* Support more than one computer equipment used at the same time

* Support network directly connected directly without used with hd capture card.

* Support RTSP/RTP/RTMP, HTTP, UDP Protocol。

* Main /Second Stream supporting。


* Code rate control: CBR/VBR 16KBIT/S~12MBIT/S

* WEB Panel

* The power dissipation <28W, low power dissipation design

* The size of the device is 430mm x 250mm x 45mm(L xW xH)    3KG

* Packing Size: 540mm x 370mm x 180mm(L xW xH)   4KG新尺寸图.jpg

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