3G/4G Video Encoder

    • Q7-4G LTE HDMI Video Encoder
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      Q7-4G LTE HDMI Video Encoder

      Q7 - 4G LTE HDMI Video Encoder is our latest 4G Wireless HDMI Video Encoder, which can transfer the HDMI Video to internet over 4G TD-LTE / FDD-LTE network, it is the best solution for stable and real-time video wireless transmission. Its high integration and cost-effective...
    • MV-E1008H 3G/4G HD Encoder
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      MV-E1008H 3G/4G HD Encoder

      MV-E1008H: 3G/4G HD Encoder (Live broadcast Box) support WiFi/4G streaming, Broadcasting grade SDI/HDMI HD port, could connect with professional camera. Max support 1080P 60fps H.264/H.265 Video code and 48k AAC audio encoding. Device is mounted with 1 channel telecom grade...
    • MV-E1008S:3G/4G SDI Encoder
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      MV-E1008S:3G/4G SDI Encoder

      SDI input 3G/4G HD Encoder (Live broadcast Box) support WiFi/4G streaming.
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